Kerrith Livengood’s works have been performed at KISS 2018, ACO’s SONiC Festival, June in Buffalo, Bargemusic, CCM’s MusicX festivals, the North American Saxophone Alliance annual conference, the Edmonton New Music Festival, the Contemporary Undercurrent of Song series, the Cortona Sessions, and Alia Musica Pittsburgh’s Conductors Festival. She has composed works for the JACK Quartet, Third Angle Ensemble, Duo Cortona, Altered Sound Duo, mezzo-soprano Jennifer Beattie and pianist Adam Marks, soprano Amy Petrongelli, Harry Partch's Adapted Guitar I performed by Charles Corey, and the h2 Quartet. Her works feature unexpected musical forms, complex grooves, lyricism, noise, and humor. Her string quartet This Is My Scary Robot Voice, performed by the Argus Quartet, features speech rhythms intoning an anxious inner monologue, which the New York Times described as “sketchy seeming.” Kerrith’s set of Four Jennifer L. Knox Songs including Hot Ass Poem for mezzo-soprano, flute, and piano features shouting, theatrical ogling, and pretty bird-like flute chirps. Currently, she is collaborating with poet Jennifer L. Knox on a dramatic work centered on dialogues by starlings (the invasive and adaptive birds). Kerrith has been a composer-in-residence at Artists at Albatross Reach, the Osage Arts Community, and Copland House. She is also a flutist, drummer, and improviser. As a flutist, she was a performer and co-founder of Alia Musica Pittsburgh, and has premiered many new works by young composers with members of the JACK Quartet, Eighth Blackbird, and the American Modern Ensemble. Kerrith is an experimental improviser who has performed bird songs while sitting in a tree, worn a towel as concert attire, and performed in concert with Anthony Braxton and Renee Baker. Kerrith sometimes collaborates with her son Talan, and their combined works have been performed by the group How Things Are Made (Brian Riordan and others) and the duo So Much Hot Air (Jennifer Beattie and Zach Pulse). She is a native of Springfield, Missouri; graduated from the University of Pittsburgh, where she studied with Eric Moe, Mathew Rosenblum, Amy Williams and Marcos Balter; and currently teaches at the University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign). Kerrith is also Assistant Director of the New Music On The Point Festival, an annual summer festival for young composers and performers. She is also inaugural composer-in-residence and one of the co-founders, along with director Clare Longendyke, of the Music in Bloom Festival in Bloomington, Indiana.