Talan Livengood, composer/collaborator

For several years, I've collaborated with my young son to create graphic- and sample-based musical works. Here's a couple pieces by improv trio How Things Are Made made from materials created by Talan and me. You can hear more of HTAM on their new podbean site or their Bandcamp page.

Clang Jingle Clang: a year of music

From September 1st, 2010 to August 31st, 2011, I made a piece of music (usually electroacoustic) every day, and posted online as a blog entry. The blog still exists and I'm working on restoring the audio (although the site itself starting to look very...vintage). This project did a lot to shape me as a composer, as I experimented with all kinds of sounds, forms, and ideas, without having to think too much about the finished product.

Sept. 20 2010 "nature abhors it": vacuum cleaners, piano, Audacity
Sept. 27 2010 "patience is a vice": detuned toy guitar
Oct. 19 2010 "moving wall": MIDI harp, snare drum, rice, feedback
Nov. 19 2010 "instant winner": flute and piccolo and Audacity
Dec. 16 2010 "sundog brighten": piano, tin whistle, air pump, electric organ
Dec. 31 2010 "grilling with kindness": recycled samples altered in Audacity
Jan. 15 2011 "otter flogging": phone feedback, timpani samples
Jan. 29 2011 "color field": chopped flute samples
Feb. 10 2011 "sew it girl": cowbell, doumbek, wood samples
Feb. 27 2011 "she moved through the fair": manipulated found recording
Mar. 26 2011 "waiting": bell and organ samples
Apr. 14 2011 "classroom chorus": large hall of students humming, clicking
May 3 2011 "rock out with your glock out": overdrive guitar, drum kit, glockenspiel