Me performing "Left-Handed Paths" at the annual KISS conference in Santa Cruz, September 2018. I use pitch and velocity tracking to manipulate generated sounds and trigger prerecorded samples, while the flutist's right hand uses Kyma Control on the iPad to alter reverb, panning, and other effects.
Argus Quartet performs "This Is My Scary Robot Voice" at WQXR's Midday Masterpieces concert series, at the Greene Space in September 2017. The players play rhythms as though speaking sentences written throughout the score, sometimes like a natural speaker and sometimes in a "scary robot voice."
A physically demanding piece for solo tenor sax. Commissioned and premiered by Nathan Mandel, University of Illinois, September 2016.
Poem by Jennifer L. Knox. From my song set "Four Jennifer L. Knox Songs". Recorded by mezzo-soprano Jennifer Beattie, pianist Adam Marks, and flutist Margaret Lancaster.
For mixed sextet, written for and performed by Alia Musica Pittsburgh, October 2010.
For thirteen players including winds, strings, harp, percussion, and brass (doubling whirligigs). Performed by Alia Musica Pittsburgh, 2013.
Charles Corey plays Harry Partch's Adapted Guitar I and speaks; text is multiple translations of the famous furu ike ya haiku by Basho.
A piece for any group of at least five instruments, where players write edits on other players' parts.

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